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Remembering Marianne Ferber (1923-2013)

FerberOn May 11, 2013, the world lost Marianne Ferber, pioneering feminist economist who was revered by many in the Association of Social Economists and the broader heterodox economics community. Professor Ferber was the recipient of the Thomas F. Divine Award in 2012 for her contribution to social economics. She helped tremendously to enrich and humanize economics, and she will be remembered for her spirit and her kindness as well as her scholarly innovations.

Click here for a portion of an interview with Professor Ferber from Engendering Economics, by Paulette I. Olson and Zohreh Emami (past president of the ASE). Another interview, by Mary C. King and Lisa F. Saunders and published in Review of Political Economy, can be found here (behind paywall).

For more remembrances, see Worthwhile Canadian Initiative (by Frances Woolley), Crooked Timber (by Ingrid Robeyns), and Lady Economist.


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