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White, "Judgment: Balancing Principle and Policy" (2014 ASE Presidential Address)

ROSEJudgment is an element of decision-making that is of critical importance to both ethics and economics but remains underappreciated in both. In this paper, I describe one conception of moral judgment, drawn from the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant and the legal philosophy of Ronald Dworkin, in which an agent weighs and balances the various moral duties and principles relevant to a choice situation in a way that maintains the integrity of her moral character. After explaining the foundations and uses of judgment in ethics, I discuss its importance to two areas of economic modeling, individual choice and policy-making, both of which can be enhanced by incorporating judgment alongside more basic ethical motivations and concerns.

Mark D. White, "Judgment: Balancing Principle and Policy," Review of Social Economy, 73/3 (2015), pp. 223-241.

(The video of the presidential address can be found here.)


New: Association for Social Economics YouTube channel!

Thanks to the efforts of ASE president Ellen Mutari, the Association for Social Economics now has a YouTube channel, where you can find presentations from the ASE program at the 2015 ASSA and the 2015 World Congress of Social Economics (with more videos to be uploaded as they become available).

For example, below is the opening plenary from the World Congress featuring Dr. Kari Polanyi Levitt.