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Two book series in social economics

There are currently two book series in social economics, both publishing fascinating new work and actively soliciting new ideas--new releases will be highlighted here when they are released. Please visit the websites below and contact the editors if you're interested in contributing.

Routledge Advances in Social Economics (Routledge/Taylor & Francis)

This series presents new advances and developments in social economics thinking on a variety of subjects that concern the link between social values and economics. Need, justice and equity, gender, cooperation, work, poverty, the environment, class, institutions, public policy, and methodology are some of the most important themes. Among the orientations of the authors are social economist, institutionalist, humanist, solidarist, cooperativist, radical and Marxist, feminist, post-Keynesian, behaviorist, and environmentalist. The series offers new contributions from today’s most foremost thinkers on the social character of the economy.

Series editor: John B. Davis, Marquette University (john.davis@mu.edu)

Perspectives from Social Economics (Palgrave Macmillan)

The Perspectives from Social Economics series incorporates an explicit ethical component into contemporary economic discussion of important policy and social issues, drawing on the approaches used by social economists around the world. It also allows social economists to develop their own frameworks and paradigms by exploring the philosophy and methodology of social economics in relation to orthodox and other heterodox approaches to economics. By furthering these goals, this series will expose a wider readership to the scholarship produced by social economists, and thereby promote the more inclusive viewpoints, especially as they concern ethical analyses of economic issues and methods.

Series editor: Mark D. White, College of Staten Island/CUNY (profmdwhite@hotmail.com)