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Call for papers: ASE sessions at the Western Social Science Association Meetings

The 58th Annual WSSA conference will be held April 13-16, 2016, in Reno, NV, USA, at the Grand Sierra Resort. The Western Social Science Association invites proposals for both complete panels and individual papers. See below for more information regarding the conference.

The Association for Social Economics is in the process of developing a relationship with the Western Social Science Association and encourages proposals in all areas of social economics. 

 Section Theme: Social Economics

Please submit individual papers or complete panels concerning the study of the ethical and social causes and consequences of economic behavior, institutions, organizations, theory, and policy, and how these contribute to a sustainable, just, and efficient economy.  Of particular interest, are papers devoted to furthering the recent ASE dialogue regarding topics such as ethics, development, neoliberalism, social economic analyses of race, gender, class and ethnicity, social economic analysis of crises, inequality, the reform of economics, the origins of social economics, and linkages to other heterodox traditions.

ASE members will be registered for the "General Economics" section.

Deadline for proposals: November 24, 2015.

Please include the following information: (All information is to be submitted in Word format.)

Proposal Format: Paper         
Section & Name of Section Coordinator  (General Economics, ASE sessions, David Plante)
Title of the Paper    
Name and Affiliation  
Mailing Address, Telephone Number, E-mail   
Other Authors                  
Abstract (200 words; New Times Roman 12)

Proposal Format: Panel
Section & Name of Section Coordinator  (General Economics, ASE sessions, David Plante)
Title of the Panel
Title of Each Paper (3-4 papers)
Moderator (Affiliation, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, E-mail)
Presenters (Affiliation, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, E-mail)
Abstract for Each Paper (200 words; New Times Roman 12) 

Scholars willing to serve as moderators or discussants should indicate their interest to the appropriate section coordinator listed on the website.

All ASE submissions are to be sent to: David J. Plante (dplante@western.edu), Economics Department, Western State Colorado University

Current membership in ASE is required for presenting a paper.  Membership information can be found at www.socialeconomics.org. 

All presenters and moderators are required to register prior to March 1, 2016 at the WSSA web site http://wssa.asu.edu.


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