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Julie A. Nelson awarded the 2015 ISRF Essay Prize in Economics

NelsonThe Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF), in partnership with the Cambridge Journal of Economics, is pleased to announce the award of the 2015 ISRF Essay Prize in Economics to Professor Julie A. Nelson, Department Chair and Professor of Economics at the College of Liberal Arts, UMASS, Boston.

Professor Nelson’s paper, "Husbandry: a (feminist) reclamation of masculine responsibility for care," won the prize of CHF 7,000 and acceptance for publication in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, one of the world’s leading economics journals. The central thesis of the paper is the reclamation of the medieval word "husbandry" to promote a masculine-associated practice of care. Recalling the agrarian, pastoral roots of the word "husbandry" to describe cultivation and management, Professor Nelson elegantly juxtaposes this icon of masculinity with today’s "incentivised" CEO, an image she argues is harmful and uncaring.

Judged by a panel of experts to be intellectually radical, orthogonal to current debates, and articulating a strong, feminist critique of a mainstream economics which has forgotten its ethical history, the foundation has the privilege to reproduce the paper on its website, in full.

Read the winning essay online at http://www.isrf.org/funding-opportunities/essay- competitions/economics-2015/

In partnership with Organization Studies, the ISRF is now accepting submissions for the 2016 ISRF Essay Prize in Organisation Studies, on the topic "Autonomy and Organisation." For more information, visit http://www.isrf.org/funding-opportunities/essay-competitions/


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