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Call for papers: ASE sessions at the Midwest Economic Association meetings

Association for Social Economics

at the

Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting

April 1-3, 2016

Hotel Hilton Orrington, Evanston/Chicago, IL


Theme: Human Development after the Economics of Growth


The most recent economic crisis calls into question the viability of growth-oriented economic policies.  In their place alternative strategies have emerged that broaden our understanding of what constitutes economic development oriented toward sustainability and human well-being.  Some of these responses focus their attention on the caring economy; human capabilities; democratic control over resource allocation, production and distribution; social enterprise; and community-based economic systems.  Many of these projects call for evaluation methods that are different from those used to measure economic growth.  They also point toward the need to restructure the standard economics curriculum. 

We invite papers from researchers and teachers that present case studies, empirical analyses, theoretical essays or pedagogical explorations that address these and other topics in social economics. 

Please submit a copy of the paper title and abstract (up to 250 words) to Bruce Pietrykowski, Association for Social Economics Midwest Regional Director: bpie@umich.edu no later than October 7, 2015.

Please refer to the Midwest Economic Association web site for further information regarding the 2016 MEA Conference: https://mea.grinnell.edu/conferences/conference-2015


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