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Robert Prasch, RIP

From the ASE listserv...

PraschIt is very sad to report that Robert E. Prasch, professor of economics at Middlebury College, has died unexpectedly.

Bob was a heterodox economist, an institutionalist (a past president of the Association for Evolutionary Economics), a post-Keynesian, a social economist, an economic historian, and an historian of economics.  He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado at Boulder in economics and history, earned a master’s in economics from University of Denver, and earned a Ph.D. in economics from University of California at Berkeley. 

In addition to his over 80 book chapters, reviews, and journal articles, he published How Markets Work: Supply, Demand and the ‘Real World’ in 2008, co-edited Thorstein Veblen and the Revival of Free Market Capitalism with Janet Knoedler and Dell Champlin in 2007, and co-edited Race, Liberalism, and Economics with his wife and Hampshire College philosopher Falguni Sheth and Middlebury colleague David Colander in 2004.  Bob was in the process of finishing two books: “A Wage of Her Own: The Rise and Fall of Progressive Era Minimum Wage Legislation for Women: 1913-1923” and “The Political Economy of Empire.”  After the financial crisis, he regularly lectured at Middlebury on “Why Financial Markets May Not Be Self-Stabilizing.”

Bob was a progressive economist, a pluralist, and an outgoing, kind and generous person.  He will be truly missed. 


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