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Association for Social Economics program at the 2015 ASSA meetings

Association for Social Economics
Allied Social Science Assocations (ASSA) Meetings
January 2-5, 2015, Boston, MA

All ASE sessions will be held in the Boston Marriott Copley.



Opening Plenary Session and Reception

Friday, January 2, 6:30-9:00 PM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom--Salon E

 Guy Standing

University of London

A Precariat Charter: Building a New Distribution System

Panel Moderator: Ellen Mutari (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)


Saturday, January 3, 8:00 AM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Ethical Challenges Facing the Academic Economist: Theoretical Work and Pedagogy

Chair: Deirdre N. McCloskey (University of Illinois-Chicago)

"Economists’ Odd Stand on the Positive-Normative Distinction: A Behavioral Economics View," John B. Davis  (Marquette University)

"Ethics and Learning in Undergraduate Economics Education," Robert Garnett (Texas Christian University)

"Poisoning the Well, or How Economic Theory Damages Moral Imagination," Julie Nelson (University of Massachusetts-Boston)

"Alternative Ethical Perspectives on the Financial Crisis: Lessons for Economists," Irene van Staveren (Erasmus University Rotterdam) 


Saturday, January 3, 10:15 AM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Motivations and Ethics in Global Markets

Chair: Mark D. White (College of Staten Island/CUNY)

"The Micro-Foundations of a Modest Proposal to Eat the Unemployed," Kevin W. Capehart (American University of Paris)

"Achieving Fair Trade through a Social Tariff Regime: A Policy Thought Experiment," Kate Watkins (Cornell University) and George DeMartino  (University of Denver)

"Women and Social Entrepreneurship in India and China," Tonia Warnecke (Rollins College)

"Understanding the Financial Incentives for Microfinance Lending," Josie Chen (Brown University) and Louis Putterman (Brown University)

"Integrating Human Capital with Human Development: Toward a Broader and More Human Conception of Human Capital," John Tomer (Manhattan College)


Saturday, January 3, 4:45-6:30 PM

ASE General Membership Meeting

Presiding: Mark D. White  (College of Staten Island/CUNY)

Sunday, January 4, 7:45 AM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon D

ASE Presidential Breakfast

Presiding: Ellen Mutari (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)

"Judgment: Balancing Principle and Policy," Mark D. White (College of Staten Island/CUNY)


Sunday, January 4, 10:15 AM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Polanyi Revisited

Chair: Zohreh Emami (Alverno College)

"Understanding the Gendered Insecurities of South Asian Workers: Polanyi and Beyond," Karin Astrid Siegmann (International Institute of Social Studies)

"Decommodification of Financial Regulation: Some Unpleasant Lessons from the 2007 Crisis," Faruk Ulgen (University of Grenoble)

"Financialization and Society’s Protective Response: Reconsidering Polanyi’s Thesis," John P. Watkins (Westminster College)

"Theorizing 'Double Movement' in the Age of Global Industrial Complex and Transnational Capital," Sudeep Regmi (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

"Social Origins of Profit: A Sociological Perspective on the Limits of Distributional Economics," Sascha Muennich (University of Göttingen)


Sunday, January 4, 12:30 PM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Policy Priorities in Response to Labor Flexibilization (Panel Discussion)

Panel Moderator: Deborah Figart (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)

Teresa Ghilarducci (New School)
Eileen Appelbaum (Center for Economic and Policy Research)
Heather Boushey (Washington Center for Equitable Growth)
Barbara Wiens-Tuers (Pennsylvania State University-Altoona)


Sunday, January 4, 2:30 PM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Commodity Creation as a Historical Process

Chair: Wayne Edwards (University of Nebraska-Kearney)

"Pricing the Eyes of Passersby: The Commodification of Audience Attention in United States Public Spaces, 1890-1920," Zoe Sherman (Merrimack College)

"Indian Agricultural Policy, Commodification, and Provisioning," Tara Natarajan (Saint Michael's College) and Wayne Edwards (University of Nebraska-Kearney)

"Commodification, Gender Norms, and the Indian Marriage Market," Abhilasha Srivastava (American University)

"Commodification of Higher Education in Developing Countries: Evidence from the Egyptian Economy," Eman Selim (Tanta University)

"Delineating the Process of Fictive Commodification in Advanced Capitalism," Anthony Bonen (New School)


Monday, January 5, 8:00 AM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Policy Options in an Age of Uncertainty

Chair: Rajani Kanth (Harvard University)

"A New Theory of Unemployment," Ravi Batra (Southern Methodist University)

"Policy Implications of Complexity: Toward a Systemic, Process-Based Frame-Setting, Long-Run, and Interactive Policy for a Complex Economy," Wolfram Elsner (University of Bremen)

"Global Economic Crisis: Implications for Emerging Markets," R. Vaidyanathan (Indian Institute of Management)

"From Free to Civilized Markets: First Steps Towards Eutopia," Jakob Kapeller (Johannes Kepler University-Linz), Bernhard Schutz (Johannes Kepler University-Linz), and Dennis Tamesberger (Austrian Chamber of Labor)

"Rethinking Fundamentals: A Summing Up," Rajani Kanth (Harvard University) 


Monday, January 5, 10:15 AM, Boston Marriott Copley, Grand Ballroom—Salon A

Ethics, Global Finance and the Great Recession

Chair: Steven Pressman  (Monmouth University)

"Social Stratification in the United States: Causes and Consequences of the Global Crisis," Philip Arestis (University of Cambridge), Aurelie Charles (University of Bath), and Giuseppe Fontana (University of Leeds)

"Distributional Costs of the Housing-Price Bust," Cynthia Bansak (St. Lawrence University) and Martha Starr (American University)

"Harming Irreparably: Economists, Trade Liberalization, and the Matter of 'Econogenic Harm,'" George DeMartino (University of Denver)

"Post-Crisis Experiments in Development Finance Architecture: A Hirschmanian Perspective," Ilene Grabel (University of Denver)

"Contemporary Capitalism as a New Monetary Economy of Production: The Logic of Conventions, M&A, and LBOs," Stefano Lucarelli (Università di Bergamo), Andrea Fumagalli (University of Pavia), and Alessandro Caiani (Universitá Politecnica delle Marche)


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