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Book reviews now featured on this blog and in Review of Social Economy

The way book reviews are published by the ASE is changing in order to make them more valuable in terms of insight and timeliness! The following is from the book review page, under Review of Social Economy, at the ASE website:

Book reviews have for a long time been a feature of the Review of Social Economy, an official journal of the Association for Social Economics. But in the 21st century, book reviews published in journals are not of the same value as they once were, given increasing use of the internet for disseminating information about new books and hosting discussions about them. As a result, the Review has changed its procedures for book reviews in two ways to keep up with the changing times.

1) RoSE will continue to publish some book reviews, but we aim to shift to analytical reviews of 2 – 4 books. This type of review can integrate discussion of an emerging area of economic research with an overview and comparison of important, recently-published books in the field. Examples could include books on the financial crisis or books on the relevance of the capabilities approach for development research. Books can be selected from those available for review and/or combined with other important books on the same theme. Prospective reviewers should contact Deb Figart with ideas for topics to be covered and books to include. Reviews of this type should be around 3,500 – 5,000 words in length, depending on the number of books included.

All book review essays must be completed in 6–9 months and emailed as an MS Word document to Deb.Figart@stockton.edu. Your email should also include your email and postal addresses, and a 75-to-100 word biographical note for the “Contributors” page of the Review.

2) Instead of being published in RoSE, reviews of single books will now be posted in the blog portion of the ASE website: http://www.socialeconomicsblog.org. The form of such reviews will not change; they are still expected to be well-written pieces of approximately 1,000 words. By posting them to the website, we will be able to bring new books to the attention of social economists in a far more timely way and provide a platform for lively exchange of ideas about new work in the field. As in the past, consult the list of recently received books posted here or contact RoSE co-editor Deb Figart if you are currently reading another book that you think would be relevant for social economics.


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